Methane is sold in Ukrgaz CNGFS network as a high-quality motor fuel. Methane - is a compressed natural gas. It does not require any recycling for use in engines. It is only compressed under a pressure at the compressor filling stations, dried, filtered and cooled to normal temperature. Methane is stored in cylinders in a gaseous state compressed under a pressure of 20-22 MPa. The octane number according to the motor method for methane is 110. At all our CNGFSs, timely gas drying and column calibration are performed, which allows to fill the car with an accurate volume of high-quality gas.



Comparative cost per 1 km of mileage using different types of fuel
POL Mileage, km/month Consumption, l/100 km Fuel price, UAH/l Fuel consumption rate according to the norms of the Ministry of Transport* Consumption per 3000 km, UAH Price of 1 liter of fuel, taking into account the consumption rate, UAH Consumption, UAH/km
A-92 petrol 2000 15 20,40 1 6 120 20,40 3,06
Diesel 17,97 1 5 391 17,97 2,70
Propane 12,37 1,5 5 566 18,56 2,78
Methane 12,48 1 3 744 12,48 1,87
*The standard consumption rate according to paragraph 2.1.4. of the decree of the Ministry of Transport of Ukraine No. 43 "On approval of fuel and lubricant standard consumption rates in road transport" dated 10.02.1998.  

Technological advantages:

  1. Consistently high octane rating;
  2. Reducing the load on the elements and components of the cylinder-piston group due to the absence of fuel knocking and, accordingly, increasing the engine life by 1.5 times and the oil drain interval by 1.5 times;
  3. Easy maintenance of methane-powered vehicles;
  4. Minimum costs for the repair and operation of methane-powered vehicles.


  1. Reduction in emissions of toxic substances;
  2. Natural gas is second only to hydrogen and electricity in its environmental friendliness.