Is it a state-owned company?
  • The company is a non-state-owned company.
Are the job responsibilities clearly defined? How often do you have to perform duties in excess of the approved ones?
  • For each position in the company, a job description and a job standard have been developed. The functions and tasks of each employee are clearly defined in these documents, and exceeding them (which is quite infrequent) is only possible by prior agreement with the employee himself.
How often do I need to stay late after work?
  • Office working hours are from 9.00 to 18.00. However, you can stay in the office until 20:00.
  • Since the company's activities are focused on results, each employee shall independently plan the priority of tasks and comply with the deadlines established for their implementation and their personal work schedule.
Is there any health insurance?
  • Health insurance in the company is under development.
Is the salary official?
  • The salary is official and consists of a fixed amount. Any employee also has the opportunity to receive additional remuneration for the quality results of its work (variable amount/bonuses).
Is it mandatory to attend training events?
  • Yes, attending such events is mandatory, as continuous training is part of the company's philosophy.
  • Such training allows to develop professional skills and personal qualities, as well as gives the opportunity to gain new experience and apply it in practice and in work.