The group of companies under the Ukrgaz trademark offers the service of a modular MGFS (cassettes) for self-refueling of the fleet on the territory of your enterprise. Using the modular MGFS on the territory of your enterprise, you get not only all the benefits of the MGFS, but also can self-refuel the fleet at any time convenient for you. Delivery of methane and organization of refueling on the territory of enterprises with a fleet of more than 20 cars. We deliver high-quality motor fuel with the mobile and modular gas filling station (MGFS).

Benefits of delivery:

  • Territory

    Refueling vehicles in regions where there are no gas filling stations (CNGFSs)
  • Quality

    Consistently high quality of gas, pressure and temperature during refueling
  • Saving

    Fuel and time for a vehicle trip to a gas station
  • Fueling

    Clear control of the amount of gas during refueling
  • Provision of services

    Fueling from 20 to 60 cars or 800-2400 m3/day of gas from one refueled MGFS
  • Payment

    Different forms of payment are available