The Ukrgaz terminal network is a constantly growing system of automobile compressed natural gas filling stations covering the whole territory of Ukraine. It includes several dozen gas stations that sell high-quality gas motor fuel: own CNGFSs under the trademark of Ukrgaz and partner gas filling stations.

The entire terminal network of the group of companies operating under the Ukrgaz trademark provide a single payment system that allows you to pay for fuel and services in convenient ways:

• in cash;
• by bank transfer;
• by smart cards.

Ukrgaz fuel cards is a unique tool for legal entities.

The fuel cards are a convenient and effective tool for corporate clients who regularly use the services of the Ukrgaz CNGFSs. These are smart cards with a set limit linked to specific cars of legal entities. The smart card payment system allows you to pay for fuel at the Ukrgaz CNGFSs or in the partner network and monitor its consumption using daily reports sent to your email.

Ukrgaz Club Loyalty Program: discounts and gifts for regular customers

Save twice when refueling the car at the network of Ukrgaz CNGSs:

• buy high-quality gas motor fuel at low prices;
• get bonuses for each refueling and exchange them for gifts.

The regular customers of the Ukrgaz network are guaranteed privileges. The bonus system available in the network is designed for individuals who refuel cars with methane. Every customer of the Ukrgaz network who has purchased 10 m3 of gas motor fuel for cash and filled out a questionnaire can become a member of the loyalty program.
At each subsequent refueling, bonuses are credited to the loyalty card, 5 bonus points for each 1 m3 of fuel. The bonuses accumulated on the card can be used to pay for:

• high-quality fuel conforming to GOST;
• promotional products and gifts from the Ukrgaz Club catalogue;
• additional services provided at the Ukrgaz CNGSs.



Vinnytsia region  
14a Kostia Shyrotskoho, Vinnytsia Factor CNGFS
Okruzhna Doroha, Vinnytsia, Desna Settlement Gas refueling stations
1a Vatutina Street, Sharhorod Factor CNGFS
Dnipro region  
0.36 km of Novomoskovsk-Spaske motorway Terminal No.24
2k Panikakhy Street, Dnipro Terminal No.13
77 20-richchia Peremohy Street, Dnipro Terminal No.45
36 Chervonozavodska Street, Dnipro Terminal No. 46
68 Berezynska Street, Dnipro Factor CNGFS
15g Kashtanova Street, Dnipro Dniprotransovhaz
7 Naberezhna Street, Dniprodzerzhynsk Terminal No.23
7 Zaliznychna Street, Kryvorizkyi District, Kolomiitseve Village Terminal No.25
3f 23 Liutoho Street, Kryvyi Rih Factor CNGFS
414 Khersonska Street, Nikopol Terminal No.26
13 Polova Street, Pokrovske urban-type settlement Transenergoservis
13 Promyslova Street, Prydniprovska Village TOV "METAN"
594 Dorozhnia Street, Selianivka Village CNGFS No. 9 (Terminal 10)
78 Radhospna Street, Yuvileine Village DAG Dnipropetrovsk
Zhytomyr region  
12 Bilopolska Street, Berdychiv Altarf
9 Kyivska Street, Hlybochytsia Village Itera
10v Malynska Street, Zhytomyr Factor CNGFS
50zh Zhovtneva Street, Korosten Factor CNGFS
2 Kyivska Street, Natalivka Village Transhaz
130 Radianska Street, Ovruch Factor CNGFS
Zaporizhzhia region  
1 Shaumiana Street, Berdiansk Terminal No. 17
59b Pivdenne Shose, Zaporizhzhia Terminal No. 29
58 Ukrainska Street, Zaporizhzhia Terminal No. 48
11 Sedova Street, Zaporizhzhia MGFS 7.1 (Terminal No. 21)
2 Ferosplavna Street, Zaporizhzhia MGFS 4.1 (Terminal No. 40)
10 Hliserna Street, Zaporizhzhia MGFS 4.2 (Terminal No. 44)
2a Donetske Shose, Zaporizhzhia CNGFS 7 (Terminal No. 7)
1v Nikopolske Shose, Nove Zaporizhzhia Village CNGFS 4 (Terminal No. 6)
341/5 Lomonosova Street, Melitopol CNGFS 4 (Terminal No. 6)
13a Skhidna Street, Polohy Terminal No. 34
91 Vorovskoho Street, Tokmak Terminal No.35
343 km and 50 m from the motorway to Kharkiv, Vasylivskyi District Terminal No. 28
Ivano-Frankivsk region  
4 Markovetska Street, Ivano-Frankivsk CNGFS (Terminal No. 49)
69a Lvivska Street, Demianiv Village CNGFS Halnaftohaz
Kyiv region  
Near Hlievakha, territory of Krushynka Village Council, complex of buildings and structures No. 3 Terminal No.33
49 km from the Main Post Office of Kyiv, Kyiv-Kovel highway (to the left), Pylypovychi Village, Borodianka Itera
47 Nezalezhnosti Street, Brovary Alex Haz
126 Kyivska Street, Obukhiv Stirol
79 km of Kyiv-Odessa highway, Terezyne Ecohaz 2005
Kirovohrad region  
223 40 rokiv Peremohy, Soniachne Village Terminal No.18
Luhansk region  
43 Pershotravneva Street, Lysychansk Factor CNGFS
Lviv region  
61 Lvivska Street, Radekhiv Radekhiv (Hefest-Lviv)
Mykolaiv region  
258a Zhovtnevoi revoliutsii Street, Voznesensk Terminal No.38
301 Olshantsiv Street, Mykolaiv CNGFS 6 (Terminal No. 41)
125km of Odesa-Novoazovsk highway, 450m to the right, Mykolaiv Terminal No. 37
13/2 Novozavodska Street, Mykolaiv Factor CNGFS
Poltava region  
199 P. Slynka Street, Lubny V. N. Kostiuk
26 Sumska Street, Pyriatyn Forsazh Haz
4a Perspektyvnyi Lane, Poltava Terminal No. 50
306 km of Kyiv-Kharkiv highway, Reshetylivka Village Azaliia
341 km of Kyiv-Kharkiv highway Ecometan Poltava
334th + 700 km of Kyiv-Kharkiv-Dovzhanskyi highway EC Servis – methane
Sumy region  
16/2 Bilopolskyi Shliakh Street, Sumy Factor CNGFS
70 Voronezka Street, Shostka Inter-nafta
Ternopil region  
53a Zolochivska Street, Berezhany Factor CNGFS
38 Halytska Street, Ternopil Factor CNGFS
3A Ukrainska Street, Kruholets Terminal No. 30
49 Ternopilska Street, Lanovtsi Rossa
Terebovlianskyi District, Plebanivka Village Strilets
Khmelnitsky region  
1 Polova Street, Iziaslavskyi District, Vaskivtsi Village MGFS 3.1
115/6 Shevchenko Street, Dunaivtsi Terminal No. 5
1a Hrushevskoho Avenue, Kamianets-Podilskyi Terminal No. 19
1 Matrosova Street (diary factory territory), Polonne MGFS  5.1 
2a Khmelnytska Street, Ruzhychanka Village CNGFS 1 (Terminal No. 2)
22 Chkalova Street, Starokostiantyniv CNGFS 5 (Terminal No.3)
94 Ulianovykh Street, Ulashanivka Village CNGFS 3 (Terminal No.4)
15 Ozerna Street, Khmelnytskyi CNGFS 2 (Terminal No. 1)
2a Mytropolyta Sheptytskoho Street, Shepetivka MGFS 3.2 (Terminal No. 39)
Cherkasy region  
40 Industrialna Street, Uman Avtotranshaz
552 km of Ternopil - Kirovohrad - Znamianka highway, 200 km to the left CREDO
41 km +100 of Smila highway, Cherkasy Avtohazinvest
8 30 rokiv Peremohy Street, Cherkasy Factor CNGFS
Chernihiv region  
128 Zhovtneva Street, Mena Itera
bypass road to Chernihiv, Nizhin Gas refueling stations
127 Pyriatynska Street, Pryluky АТP-17461
96 Liubetska Street, Chenihiv Chernihivhaz
2km + 800m of Chernihiv - Terekhivka highway, Ulianivka Village Council Factor CNGFS
Chernivtsi region  
37 Pivdenno-Kiltseva Street, Chernivtsi CNGFS No 11
13 Kolomyiska Street, Chernivtsi MGFS 11,1 (Terminal No. 51)